• Street Summer…

    I cannot describe how much i am enjoying the Street summer month on channel 4!! }Its pure amaze!! Just watched the concrete circus programme where filmakers and skaters, BMXers, Free runners colaborate together to create some amazingly shot films for youtube!! The films are really well done and inspires me to take my camcorder out and use some similar techniques.!! 

    The programme and all the short films are on the channel4 oD so i highly recommend watching if your into filming or urban sports!  My fav has to be Release!! 

    I also have been watching some of the street dance documentaries which again are a good watch!! Soooooo overall i have become addicted and about to go watch some more of these programmes!!

    My day is sorted!!

    No doubt i will be posting some of my fav clips on ere!!


  • House…..

    Tell a lie…..i want this house……so unique and FUN!!! it makes me wanna skateboard just looking at it……. 

    skate house

    I love the fact that this skater has had his own tubular house built with ramps and obstacles to skate on. GENIUS!!! 

    (Source: growsunday.com)

  • I want this house !!!!! it looks like cheese!!!! 
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  • You know you got alot to do when you gotta set up a workstation with 2 screens………. 
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    an INSPIRING moment of my life....
  • Pippa J Lacy i always leave everywhere in a cloud of drama, even my dance classes as a kid : ) see you tmz? x
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread hahah i think everyday you leave a cloud of drama....its just you =D !!! yes you shall : ) altho i not sure im looknig forward to it so much!! x
  • Pippa J Lacy your not looking forward to seeing me?? ME?? DRAMA?? what you chattin... : D :D :D xx
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread hahha thats the only part im looking forward too obviously !!!!=D yu drama inspires me!!! xx
  • Pippa J Lacy why are u not looking forward to it then hun? : D hahaha thats so funny. inspired by my drama :) awesome xxx
  • Pippa J Lacy ooh ooh ooh im inspired by your ability to get drunk and break bones : ) xx
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread haha yes i think thats one of my good quotes to go down in history ..."inspired by your drama" lol
  • why thankyou....i do have a very inspiring way to break bones...maybe one day u will take note of this and further enhance ur inspiring ways !! xx
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread ‎(can u tell im filling out an about me/why im good section for a job application) MEGA LOL
  • Pippa J Lacy Personal Qualities : Breaks Bones when Drunk.
  • Pippa J Lacy able to work with others to get to hospital whilst drunk
  • Pippa J Lacy ‎...unable to open doors with broken leg...
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread that job is Totes mine!!
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread haha alll fantastic qualities!
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread able to work on crutches
  • Pippa J Lacy can sell confectionary whilst on crutches
  • Pippa J Lacy hahahaha
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread and then go drinking on crutches
  • Pippa J Lacy ‎...and break other leg...
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread top quality to possess
  • Pippa J Lacy loon
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread unable to be left alone unassisted at any second
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread HA!
  • Pippa J Lacy but can work as part of a team to ensure lock in in traders.
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread that is a very true statement..... can also persuade others to attend lock ins at Traders
  • Pippa J Lacy that has to go in extra curricular....
  • Pippa J Lacy along with ice cream miming : )
  • Hollie Corn Egglebread with cheer dances and hibernating in large cardboard and plastic objects
  • What an actuall Legend!!!
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  • Woweeeeeeee. I want this food !!!
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